About Me

I have more evolved and active network of synapses in my right side of the brain.

Praveen has more evolved and active network of synapses in his right side of the brain.

He believes that if designers are not designing to solve a problem, then they are doing disservice to the design community and the world as a whole; their designs are unethical.
He considers himself a passionate designer; participating in the creation of next generation design solutions.

Anything that has to do with creativity and novelty is Praveen's cup of tea. He derives his inspiration from new trends, people around him, and the culture he is designing for. As a voracious reader, he consumes huge amount of information from blogs, magazines, newspapers, and books.

Praveen has over thirteen years of experience in leading and managing design, usability and user centric projects. He works as Experience Design Lead and creates highly usable and intuitive design solutions for his clients.

  • Leads, manages and executes User Experience (UX) projects
  • Advocates for end users and makes their voices heard
  • Leverages new design patterns and technology to create delightful experiences both for web and mobile
  • Estimates time and cost for User Experience part of proposal process
  • Works with 3rd party vendors both in UX and Development space to ensure high quality and timely delivery
  • Manages User Experience team both onshore and offshore
  1. Technology: Nobody cares about technology until it adds value to people's life. Technology is just an enabler, nobody needs it.
  2. Design: Design needs to be meaningful and  add social value. It needs to empower the user by providing engaging, seamless, immersive and delightful experiences. 
  3. Culture/Context: People around us are different from each other. They create a world that is mystique, bizarre and unique. Designers cannot solve problems unless they know who they are solving for. User research is an inseparable part of design.

Five design mantras that I do not get tired of chanting:
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it consistent
  • Keep it engaging
  • Keep it delightful
  • Keep it accessible