Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Feel Lazy

Humans are intrinsically programmed to find comfort even in worst and hostile situations and places. Perhaps, the body’s stress and fatigue management system (if there is any), which I sincerely believe in, calls upon all the organs and realigns them to achieve a state of lesser discomfort. The primary motive of this system is to achieve maximum comfort and minimum fatigue for the whole body.

This explains our likelihood for sofas, soft cushions, shock absorbent materials, smooth and silky fabrics, etc. The list of such products is endless and increasing everyday. The fraternity of science is working just to make our lives easier by rendering us as slothful couch stickers. On one hand, we have been showered with remotes for almost everything and just a touch of button do marvels for us. On the other, we have ergonomically designed seats at work, in our car, and at dentist’s clinic.

However, not all of us are lucky enough to experience these comfortable products, not in India at least. Therefore, many of us in India have developed a succoring instinct to blend ourselves with our immediate environment to maximize the level of comfort for our body.

Lately, while going home, I encountered such a bizarre scenario which I could not resist to capture. Check the picture and see the young man desperately trying to make him comfortable in the back of moving truck on Delhi’s back-breaking potholes filled roads making mockery of road safety.

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