Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Time Tracking System - User Feedback Required

Download Free Time Tracking System: Time Tracking System v0.1

"Filling up the timesheet never interested me and the thought of remembering what I did through out the day and putting time against each one of them was a pain. I always wished if there is an easier way to do it or in a way automate this redundant task. There are many tools available to track time but for some reason I always found them a bit complicated and time consuming" in Jai's words.

So, Jai Chandra (a highly skilled developer in Flex technologies) decided to develop an application to keep track of time. Jai works on bleeding edge of technology and currently involved in creating Flex platform for applications. More About Jai>>

Time Tracking System is a step towards that. This application can be your personal time tracker. Any task can be tracked by simply selecting it from the task list.

The application is developed using Adobe Air and uses SQLite database for storing timesheet information locally. This is a very early version and Jai will continue to work on it.

I helped Jai with Interface and Usability within the constraints. Imagine, this is a one developer team :) I could not be more demanding.

The current version has the following features:

1. Create tasks.
2. Create projects.
3. Daily and weekly timesheet in a read-only mode.
4. Minimize application to task bar.
5. Detect idle/away time

Future Plans: (I will try to do more experience related stuff)

1. Search functionality for task and projects.
2. Allow exporting of timesheet information to excel format.
3. Export data into an user defined format. This could facilitate importing of data into other systems.

and more…

But, it all depends on user feedback. so feel free to use it and post your comments.

Download Free Time Tracking System: Time Tracking System v0.1

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  1. I like this post. I never put my schedules on outlook. rather look for all other alternatives to remember them. I only check outlook to see request that I have received but never bother to create one :)