Friday, May 14, 2010

Do You Want to Become a Leader?

Over the course of my career, I have come across, seen and heard many management people. For some strange reason, some of them really inspired and motivated me. If you are working in User Experience (UX) domain, then leadership really becomes an important trait for you. Selling and champion UX in the organization is part of our day-to-day job for all UXers.
Therefore, I decided to pen down my thoughts and definition of leadership. Here is my definition of true leader with which you may agree or disagree.
Mahatma Gandhi once said, "A true leader is someone who creates new leaders." This holds true for today's corporate context also.
  1. A true leader mentors and provides exciting opportunities to others.
  2. A true leader is never afraid of losing his position because he is continuously growing and educating himself with others.
  3. A true leader is devoid of any ego, proud, or superiority complex.
  4. A true leader understands the power of one-to-one human bond and believes in life-long personal relationships that go beyond professions.
  5. A true leader knows you as a person and not as an employee/worker.
  6. A true leader treats everyone equally and fairly.
  7. A true leader is both a great listener and speaker.
  8. A true leader does not command respect because he earns it.
  9. And lastly, a true leader brings smiles, joy and hope.
As true User Experience professionals it is important for all of us to instill these leadership values to grow ourselves and the organization.

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