Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paper Blinds

Scenario: New home. Forty one see-through glass windows. No blinds. The blinds installation guy takes three weeks.

Problem: How to protect the privacy of occupants?

Tools: A pair of scissors, duct tape, staplers, some architectural drawings, and a designer mind.

  1. Attack one window at a time.
  2. Measure the paper size, just once - of course, the size of paper will stay the same.
  3. Measure the window size.
  4. Use duct tape to stick the paper to create bigger surface area to cover the entire window.
  5. Use scissors to cut off extra paper.
  6. Use extra paper to create top and botton borders for extra stability and strength. This will help the blinds to stay straight.
  7. Staple the borders and tape them to the paper.
  8. Hang the freshly made paper blind using a step stool and duct tape.
  9. Voila, you just created your first paper blind.
  10. Keep repeating steps 1 through 10 until you have covered all your windows.
  11. Sip a cup of green tea, appreciate your creation, and wait for another three weeks to get "real" blinds.
Here are some of the pics:

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